Book Giveaway: The Jane Austen Handbook

A new guide to ‘Proper Life Skills from Regency England’. This little hardback book covers every part of life as a Jane Austen heroine. It’s a gift book rather than factual history, but would make fun reading for anyone having a go at their first historical fiction (and writing about a nice middle class English girl, of course). To win the copy I have here, tell me in the comments your favourite Austen heroine, and why.

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10 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: The Jane Austen Handbook

  1. Star_bebeh

    Elizabeth Bennet! Without a doubt. One, because Pride and Prejudice is one of the best pieces of literature I have ever read, and Mr Darcy is positively dreamy, but secondly because I believe the way Elizabeth character comes across/ was written gives you more of an insight into Jane herself. I think Jane was possibley most like Elizabeth out of all her female characters.

  2. JolieBeaumont

    Anne Elliot of Persuasion, because she gives us hope that in life there is always a second chance (even when that first marriage proposal falls flat on its face).

  3. elwolf

    Elinor Dashwood, from Sense and Sensibility, for her strength of character, and for how Austen’s valuation of sense (Elinor) vs. sensibility (Marianne) evolves throughout the novel. I also love that Elinor was meant to be symbolic of the neo-classicists.

  4. Marion Paterson

    Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility. I adore how she does everything that society expects of her as a woman with grace and patience, and yet she is also capable of great passion and feeling who is truly rewarded for her love in the end.

  5. rawrcj

    Anne Elliot for sure! She was very accomplished ,as any woman would be, during that time. She was modest, opinionated, polite and bitchy when the situation calls for it (To her father when she was going to meet her school friend in Bath). She thought she had forgotten all about Wentworth after all the years, but when she heard the name again it’s like electricity through her veins and she realizes her love for him never ended nor went away. Her going to meet Wentworth at the end was really sweet and shows how she wouldn’t let go of the second chance set before her and went for it. She got the happy ending she thought was lost forever.

  6. batjarvis

    For me , that would definitely be Emma Woodehouse ! But she isn’t my favourite because of Mr Knightley but because she made honest,humiliating mistakes that normal people even today, can understand.Unlike Lizzy, she didn’t try to get together with every man she laid her eyes on.I always find it disappointing that she stayed with Jane at Netherfield because the latter was sick.Yes sure, her mother was refusing to send over the carriage but then she didn’t try particularly hard,did she? And much as I try to ignore it, she wanted to marry or expected to anyway, every man she liked from Mr Wickham to Colonel Fitzwilliam. But Emma, she was different and it wasn’t because she had enough security of money not to care or because there weren’t any eligible men in Highbury. She was so interesting in what she did.She was witty too , thus combining the best of Elizabeth Bennet. And her story was just so much more credible then the rest of Jane Austen books;nothing was in black and white. Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax weren’t villains but they weren’t entirely blameless either. And Emma , she had her imperfections. For the most part the novel was just very funny and light-hearted and so was Emma herself.

  7. Sylvia Claire Chan

    Elizabeth Bennet because she is witty, independent and not cow to submission and marry someone whom her mother decides upon. She does not follow all the social convention of her time and intelligent enough to come out with responses when challenged by Mr Darcy and Lady Catherine.Btw, when is the deadline for this giveaway? There is no mention of it.

  8. Francesca D'Alessandro

    Oh Jesus please let me win this book.My favourite heroine is Elizabeth Bennet, basically because *I* am Elizabeth. We got through the same things. francivusk (at) hotmail (dot) it

  9. beckac17

    My favourite Jane Austen heroine would have to be Elizabeth Bennett.I can see that she is a very popular ‘heroine’ among the comments here. She is a young, beautiful woman, who meets Prince Charming at a ball to summarise and sparkle it a little. Mr Darcy is rich. Single. And quite a lady’s man when he wants to be. He comes across as arrogant, especially when he and Elizabeth Bennett are dancing, but he is later portrayed as a romantic and straight to the point kind of guy. He tells Elizabeth Bennett his true feelings for her, which was very romantic for a man like him! Elizabeth Bennett is also an outspoken person. I love how she is sweet and caring towards her friends, especially when Jane receives the two letters from Caroline Bingley and Charles Bingley. Both times Elizabeth is there to comfort her. Elizabeth also shows her sisterly love to her friends, including Charlotte, visiting her in her new home. They may have their ups and downs e.g. Mr Collins’ prosposal to Charlotte, but even at that, they are true friends.I think Elizabeth Bennett is such a heroine, in general, because she is caring, loving, outspoken and a very attractive woman. She has a lively character and has her wits about certain things. She may base her thoughts about something or someone on what she sees instead of hearing the whole story, but we all learn from our mistakes. Elizabeth sticks to her beliefs and instincts, which is how every heroine has.I hope I win 😀

  10. Gray Dourman

    Anyone interested in Georgian London, especially the role of Americans and John Wilkes around 1765, might be interested in this book…

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