Crow Mountain Cover

Hello hello! Doesn’t time fly? The Crows, now renamed Crow Mountain, is out on the 3rd of September and the cover has finally been decided upon! I think it’s beautiful and hope you agree. The cover will be silver, not grey as it appears here, in a nod to Montana’s state motto.

Crows has been a joy to write, and to edit, thanks to my wonderful editor Imogen Cooper. I’m somewhat too attached to all my characters and have cried buckets putting them through the mill, whether in 1867 or in modern Montana (but it was still a joy). It’s pretty nerve-wracking to think that Emily, Nate, Hope and Cal will soon have to make their own way out there on the bookshelves, and it won’t be long before proofs hit bloggers’ and reviewers’ doormats.

As part of the ‘advance information’ authors have to put together for their books, there’s always the part where you have to sum up what your novel is about in a couple of sentences. It’s almost as hard as writing the book itself. But, if I have to say something about Crow Mountain, it would be that it’s a book about a book: a diary linking a series of disasters, both natural and man-made, to two unlikely love stories. But what happens when that diary, the story of an English teenager lost in the American wilderness, ceases to be the record of one girl’s past…and starts deciding the future of another?


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